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Stainless Steel Tube Options

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Premium Melbourne Supplier of Stainless Steel Tubes

Get the premium construction materials your construction project deserves. George Archer Metals in Melbourne stock a range of quality stainless steel tubes in both 304 and 316 grades. We can supply stainless steel round, square and RHS tubes in lengths of up to 6 meters and we offer a custom cutting service to ensure a superior finish and minimal wastage.

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Why Choose to Work with Stainless Tubing?

There are a plethora of reasons to work with stainless steel tubes. Whether you need a RHS, round or square tube, the principles are the same. Although it is more expensive than other tubing options, stainless steel is the ideal construction material, in terms of durability and functionality.


Stainless steel tube is incredibly resistant to both physical and environmental factors. The most important advantage that this metal offers is that it is non corrosive and will not rust even when it is in constant contact with water.

Easy to Maintain

Repairing this type of tube is simple and requires much less maintenance than plastic tubing or other metals.


Sustainability is a major concern in the modern building industry and stainless steel tubing is the solution. Many of the materials we supply are already at least partially made from recycled steel which has been melted down and repurposed. Due to the highly durable nature of this material, chances are that by the time your square, round or RHS tube is no longer needed, it will still be in a condition suitable to be melted down and repurposed once again.

Peerless Products and Services

For over 40 years, George Archer Metals has proudly supplied Melbourne with an enormous range of stainless steel construction materials including bars, trimmingrods, fittings, trays, sheets, tubes, skirting. Over the years, we have developed a broad client base encompassing many different trades and industries as well as amateur carpenters and DIY enthusiasts. In addition to our range of construction materials, we also supply a small range of highly durable furnishings including benches, shelves and splashbacks. For more information on our range of round, square and RHS tubing, or to enquire about any of our other products, please don’t hesitate to contact us on 9794 7250.

We Cut to Specifications

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