Stainless Steel Fittings

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Stainless Steel Fittings Options

The Premium Provider of Stainless Steel Fittings Within Melbourne

As a trusted provider of home and construction supplies, we know the importance of only utilising the most reliable and superior products. Our selection of stainless steel fittings for Melbourne construction companies, tradies and product designers comes in two grades, 304 and 316.

Whether it’s a do it yourself job, or a large scale residential or commercial construction project, we have the resources to supply to your needs. No requirements are too big or small and we aim to offer our reliable fittings to anybody who needs them.

A steel providing brand you can trust

We have worked hard over the years to secure our position as one of the market leaders in stainless steel, and we believe our quality service and superior products speak for themselves. If you need more than that to convince you, rest assured that with our 40 years plus worth of experience backing us, we know what we’re doing.

We have grown to become a nationally recognised supplier of stainless and are proud to have established a brand name which customers know they can trust.

Our range

Our range of stainless fittings in Melbourne have a number of different variations depending on your specific requirements and these include:

  • Tube bend
  • Pipe elbow
  • Machined socket
  • Toe Nipple

Benefits of choosing stainless

As your steel fittings will generally be exposed to moisture, whether in the kitchen or bathroom, stainless is the only way to go due to its rust resistant properties. This also applies to resisting stains, which cannot be said for fittings constructed out of inferior metals.

Stainless is also incredibly durable and can often last decades, saving you on replacements. Carbon steel equivalents may be cheaper to purchase, but their lifespan is much shorter, meaning greater costs in the future. Finally, stainless is resistant to heat, making it the most all round durable material for all your construction needs.

See the rest of our services

We can offer much more than just fittings. Take a look at our other services pages, including steel benches, skirting boards, plates, bars, trimming, shelving, pipes and tubes. We can do it all!

Contact us for more

If you’d like further information on any of our fittings in Melbourne, please feel free to give us a call today on (03) 9794 7250. Our friendly staff will be more than happy to answer any enquiries and can offer a free quote if needed.

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